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Code Savvy Consultants offers many services. Most of our services are based on the enforcement of building and fire codes and are typically customized to meet our clients needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

Plan Review

Plan review (plan check) services is our primary service that we provided. It is utilized by municipalities to stream line in-house operations and provide technical assistance on projects. Our staff performs a detailed plan check based on the codes and standards that are enforced by the community. The project is typically completed in under ten business days and includes free FEDEX shipping (to help expedite the process).

Inspection Services

A community may experience a change of inspection staff or may be experiencing a building boom. Regardless of your circumstances we can assist you. Inspections are performed after a complete plan review is performed and is typically conducted with municipal staff. A detailed inspection report is provided. Various time frames are available for your inspection needs.


Does your municipality in need of job specific training as it relates to employee performance, inspections, plan review, or administration of building and fire codes. Visit our training page and see if we can help!

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